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Safety cabinet positions 2-6

Safety cabinet positions 2-6.

Our various burners can be equipped with a flame safety system with European standards (CE EN 746).
We are able to provide a spark and flame presence control cabinet system.
The principle is based on:
The instantaneous electric ignition by electrode
control flame presence with ionizing radiation, which uses the principle of the conductivity of the electrical current in the flame, the detection of which permits the opening of solenoid valves mounted on the gas circuit.
In case of accidental extinction of the burner, the flame failure puts the safety system, the EV close.
On the other hand the air and gas pressure switches have the function of allowing passage of fluids to specified pressures.
In case of inadequate pressures put pressure switches the safe installation.
In case of air cut off the burner to prevent the phenomenon of "big flame" when there is more air into the mixture.
See operating principle sheet in PDF.

Accessories for safety cabinet
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