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Welcome to S.N. PELLETIER


In its 80 years of existence Pelletier has become synonymous with quality in the design, development and manufacture of burners mostly dedicated to the glass and plastics industries.


Pelletier incorporates all today's and tomorrow's capabilities for ever more productivity.


Within the compagny, there are many products but one savoir faire.

We participate actively alonside our customers with the completion of their projects.


With talent, method and conviction.


Our product range extends far beyond burners.

Mixers, ignitions systems and flame monitors, flow meter cabinets, etc. Are all items which demonstrate clearly for all to see the capabilities of Pelletier faced with ever more precise and exacting demands.


Pelletier also knows how to work fast and respect customer's short lead times for all cutting, burning, preheating, heating, and brazing burners, whether standard or to made to measure.


Pelletier s.n., the pursuit of excellence !

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